The most advanced radio app on the market!

Your audience is changing day after day, it's a fact!

Take advantage of their demands and give exclusivity to your group among the competition.


Interactive Advertising




SMS Notifications


Prizes and Dynamics










Smart Notifications


An App (iOS & Android) for Radio, TV, Podcast, News and Print Media

Your app includes corporate identity integration (white label).

  • Logos.
  • Official Colors.
  • Social networks.
  • Contact Numbers.

Interactive Advertising

Much better than it sounds!

Games, dynamics, surveys, videos, multimedia and much more through smart notifications.

All 100% brandable with your clients' brand!

Expand your coverage as well as your benefits! You decide where your notifications go.

For example, you can launch an advertisement or promotion exclusively for a single city!

As simple as drawing your limits on the map!

How do they work? Very simple:

  1. It is transmitted to your client's spot.
  2. The app generates a notification in real time.
  3. Open a game, video, coupon and much more with your customer's identity!

Interactive Advertising

Pioneering and unique technology of its kind!

They do not require updates or downloads from the app. The notification is sent to the device from a central server that "listens" 24/7 for the commercials.

When the spot is detected by our algorithm, its corresponding notification is sent in real time to the ENTIRE installed user base.

Thanks to our interest subscription system, the user totally decides the notifications and spots they want to receive, making it an adaptable and non-intrusive experience.


More sales spaces in your app!

Create a link between your brand and your listeners.

Inviting you to go directly to the purchase ad!


Advertising Banners

+ Commissions + Earnings

Take advantage of our banner space to sell it to your clients and increase your commissions.

  • Give more value to your spaces with the number of downloads!
  • All banners lead to a page or action.
  • We include graphic design!

Monetize the spaces of the app!

Generate an additional sales channel and earn more.

prizes and dynamics

Contests and dynamics for your audience!

  • Exclusive section for dynamics and prizes within the app.
  • Get creative! Reward your audience for listening to you and using your app.
  • Launch exclusive contests by station, city and/or region.
  • Load the contests from an administration portal and view the information of the participants.

Master communication channels

In trend from the app.

Livestream and Podcasts

Audience-speaker interaction in real time!


  • Facebook lives integration.
  • Supports 192 kbits/s Radio Streaming
  • Supports streaming video for television.
  • Administration from a panel with immediate update.


  • Podcast module for pre-recorded programs accessible at all times for your audience.
  • Administration from a panel with immediate update.
  • Upload your shows to the cloud and let your audience relive the moment.

Immediacy and closeness

Livestream that will allow you to establish a closer bond with your audience and that will project your brand more human.

Booth Chat

Your audience will...

Interact directly with booth and announcer. You will be able to talk with your favorite announcers and participate in the show with dynamics and much more completely LIVE!


An App for everyone (Android & iOS).

  • An app with no region or signal limits.
  • Mass acquisition of new customers.
  • Data and instant information.
  • Higher profits and income.


Group news portal!

Get the most out of your news portal NOW ON YOUR RADIO APP! 

  • News linked and updated in real time.
  • Easy news to share and add to favorites.
  • Notify your users by SMS or Smart Notifications within the same app (UNONOTICIAS style) based on their interests and tastes. You can monetize this system!

Constant updates

We constantly update and innovate the app so that you can continue selling through it.

App without region or signal limits

Attractive and powerful ads

The power of your radio group

An entire digital ecosystem of sales and
profits for your radio group!